From the Desk of Ron Cox- Industry best practices

A recent experience with Dr. Eric Kitts of Soundview Family Dental in Edmonds is worth sharing. I’ve been working with Dr. Kitts for about a year after being introduced by Dr. Eric Weller of Canyon Park Dental in Bothell. What impresses me the most about Dr. Kitts is his willingness to collaborate efore we start to work on any challenging new case. This may seem minor but always results in a positive outcome for the patient. The doctor and his staff have been a joy to work with and a wonderful new addition to our business. Most of our work is routine emax cases with great results. In the recent more challenging case featuring significant bone loss, the collaboration, teamwork and latest technology paid big dividends for the patient.

Case Presentation:

  • Patient presented with implants in tooth #3, 4, 6 and 8. A PFM implant bridge from #3 -#8 will be fabricated and singles on #9 and #10. Patient has bone loss on the bridge area so we will address this with pink tissue.
  • A temporary screw retained implant bridge was fabricated by Wes Cox at TNS Dental Lab.

  • Cox designed titanium custom abutments using the 3D Editor from Atlantis. Read more about 3D Editor at


  • Cox built and contoured bridge.
  • Cox stained and glazed bridge to final.
  • Cox utilized GC Gradia Gum Light-Cured Gum Shade System (pink tissue) to finalize the case with a nice end result. Read more about GC Gradia at


The significant amount of bone loss required a large bridge. We were able to collaborate with Dr. Kitts and TNS lab to map out a plan ahead of time to create a screw retained provisional that the patient could wear during the time it took to build the permanent bridge. It simply screwed into the implants, providing a guide to finish the permanent bridge. It’s definitely worth a little extra time and budget to ensure patient satisfaction, proper fit and predictable end result.

About Cox
Cox specializes in most all crown and bridge needs, from simple to the most advanced cases. He works with some of the area’s top dentists. The lab is focused on producing the latest restoration of the highest standard from single crowns to full mouth rehabilitation cases

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